Dynamic Warm Up

What is a dynamic warm up?

Dynamic stretching is important to increase range of motion, improve body awareness, and enhance muscular performance and power.  Dynamic stretching also helps to prevent injury by increasing blood flow to the muscles which increases core temperature.  Dynamic stretching just means you are moving while you stretch.  Dynamic stretching challenges your balance and coordination, as well, which in turn will improve your performance.


Dynamic warm up routine:

Dynamic warm-up is effective for many different activities.  You should warm-up for at least 10-20 minutes.  Athletes with a higher fitness level should warm up longer.  A general guideline to follow is to complete 10 reps of each exercise for 1-2 rounds.


Examples of dynamic exercises:

1.) Lunge with a twist:

-Make sure your front knee does not extend beyond your toes

-Once you a in a lunge position, make sure you slowly twist to each side while engaging your core

-Stretches hip flexors, upper and middle back












2.) Knees to chest:

-You can do this standing in place or while walking forward

-Focus on bringing your knee to chest, while hugging your shin

-If at all possible, come up onto toes on the standing leg

-Stretches glutes

Dynamic Warm Up 2












3.) High Kicks:

-You can do high kicks while stationary or walking forward

-Leg stays straight and extend your arm out, the goal is to hit your toes with your palm

-Stretches hamstrings

Dynamic Warm Up 3












4.) Figure 4 hip stretch:

-You can perform the figure 4 stretch while stationary, alternating legs

-When sitting back engage core muscles to protect your back

-Stretches piriformis and other posterior hip muscles

Dynamic Warm Up 4












5.) Butt Kicks:

-Perform stationary or moving forward

-Stretches quadriceps

Dynamic Warm Up 6


6.) Hip swing:

-Swing leg out to side, across your body, forward, backward

Dynamic Warm Up 7Dynamic Warm Up 8

Dynamic Warm Up 9Dynamic Warm Up 10

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