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Why the Running Program at Birmingham PT?  Your analysis will be performed by a licensed Physical Therapist who is a uniquely qualified movement specialist.  Running is a skill that needs to be properly trained.  This often requires a skilled eye.  Also, no two people are the same, so one size fits all programs often fail because they do not adjust to the individual’s body type, movement skill, physical ability, and goals.

Our program is designed to be specific to the individual to improve performance and decrease risk of injury, and includes:

  • Posture Assessment
  • Strength/stability testing
  • Flexibility/mobility assessment
  • Motion/Gait video analysis
  • Instruction in strength and flexibility exercises
  • Gait re-training
  • Shoe Assessment


Program Overview


You will receive analysis of the following:

  • Strength:  Increased strength will decrease risk of injury, improve performance, and  help maintain proper biomechanics
  • Flexibility: A runner must have a certain amount of flexibility to maintain proper mechanics/efficiency and again to minimize risk of injury.
  • Motion/Gait video analysis: Poor posture and  mechanics can greatly decrease  efficiency and   increase risk of injury due to greater ground reaction forces  Good posture and mechanics is imperative for a good runner.




Most statistics show that 80% of runners will experience at least one running related injury in a year leading to missed training.  Although no program can eliminate injury all together, at Birmingham PT we feel that we can significantly decrease chance of injury and minimize lost running time.

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